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Premium quality synthetic automatic transmission fluid
Premium quality synthetic automatic transmission fluid, specifically designed to meet the requirements of modern Japanese and Korean passenger cars and commercial vehicles, it can be used in a wide temperature range. It also complies with the requirements of the latest generation of automatic transmission fluids for Toyota vehicles.


  • Automatic transmissions in modern passenger cars, SUVs and light commercial vehicles
  • Hydraulic servo equipment

Product features Benefits
Excellent wear protection
  • Long gear lifetime, giving reliable operation
Exceptional thermal and oxidation stability
  • Longer lubricant lifetime,so reduced operational costs
Optimal friction characteristics
  • Precise and noiseless switching between gears
  • Convenient and economical operation
Excellent shear stability
  • Maintains its favourable properties for a long period even under heavy loads and shear stresses
High viscosity index
  • Optimum lubrication and reliable operation in a wide range of environmental and operational temperatures
Excellent cold flow properties
  • Fuel-saving operation at low temperature