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MOL Dynamic Gold Longlife 0W-30

Synthetic premium motor oil for the most modern vehicles
Premium quality, synthetic, low ash motor oil for extended oil drain intervals, approved by of the Volkswagen Group (VW, Audi, SEAT, Skoda) for extended service periods. It ensures quick lubrication and efficient cold start. Due to its dual film technology it prevents contact and wear of metal surfaces even in case of extreme loads.


  • VW/Skoda/Seat gasoline and diesel engines operating with long oil drain intervals
  • Diesel engines with direct injection Common Rail and PD TDI systems
  • Vehicles equipped with a diesel particulate filter (DPF) or three-way catalyst
  • Short and long haul passenger car and light (<3.5 t) commercial vehicle engines

Product features Benefits
Dual lubricating film technology
  • Prevents contact and wear of metal surfaces by forming a liquid film in normal engine operation and a molecular protective layer in case of extreme loads
Low sulphated ash, sulphur and phosphorus content (Low SAPS)
  • Long lifetime of catalysts and diesel particulate filter
Extreme cold flow properties
  • Provides easy start-up, even in extreme cold, to extend the life of the car battery
Low volatility
  • Lowers engine oil consumption and reduces the emission of harmful substances
  • Economical operation
Exceptional thermal and oxidation stability
  • Reduces the formation of sludge at low temperatures and of deposits at high temperatures
Extremely long oil lifetime
  • Frequency of downtimes, operational costs, and environmental impact can be reduced
Excellent soot handling
  • Protection against soot deposits and bore polishing